Coffee Stirrer Holder

So, bit of an admission. Everytime we go to McDonalds, I take some coffee stirrers. Nothing crazy, like up to 10 or so.

Reason is they are awesome wood glue spreaders, brilliant shims for stuff and just useful for all sorts of things that you don't even think about until you have a clutch of the same size, disposable, easy to form, crap softwood sticks.

But, they get everywhere. I've got them on my bench, in little wall trays, in a holder on the side of my shop computer screen and probably loads of other places I haven't even realised I've squirrelled them away which leads me to needing some sort of easy to access storage for them.

I'm thinking wall-mounted, simple open box but thin and deep with angled walls, something like this:

Fusion 360 - coffee stirrer yeah, that is in Fusion 360, and I am trying to find something else to use because having a 'free to hobbyist' full featured product with this many excellent, very commercial features keep subtlety changing their license terms is really uncomfortable.

I can't shake the feeling that one day I'll log in and find out that without spending a huge amount of money all my work has gone.

So, yes, I am looking for an alternative, but having been spoilt with such an awesome tool it's very difficult to switch over.

Anyway, lets look at the faces of that object and see if we can break them down into 2d planes that can be lasercut.

To do that, select a face at a time that you want to extract as a 2d vector image, create a sketch, name it (so you don't hate yourself in the future) and export as DXF.

Bring that into your CAD package of choice (I use Inkscape) and make the ins-and-outs.

To help this, on the plane sketches I created in Fusion360, I then went in and roughed out additional line geometry so I would already have this when it came over to Inkscape, which meant creating the final ins-and-outs.

You can see this in the final work where I've left the blue lines (they are ignored by K40 Whisperer as it thinks I want to use them for vector line etching, so I skip that step).

Final cuttable layout