Simple bed mounted mousepad

I have a bed with slats along the side and I want a place to put things that won't slip off.

Using the laser cutter to cut some craft foam (for the non-slip surface) and some 3.5mm deep a4 sized sheets of plywood, cut these:

2 sheets 3.5mm a4 plywood sheet1{:target="_blank"}

2 sheets 3.5mm a4 plywood sheet2{:target="_blank"}

1 sheet 1mm a4 craft foam sheet3{:target="_blank"}



All the cut parts should look like this:

all cut out

Some need to be glued together to make 2 or 3 high:

glue stacks

Then glue the top bar along the thick walls, and the thin walls in the big plate and dont forget the little bits:

glue stacks

Squeeze (not glue) them all together to make the whole main thing:

squeeze them together

Use double sided tape to hold the soft top on the big plate:

soft top

It's Done!

soft top