Sky Router - SR102

So we (the Pi club at work) came into possesion of 3 of these things: sr102

They can be a bit of a sod to crack open, in those grooves you can see on the top (and in the grooves on the bottom) there are push clips that need to be released after taking out the main screw you can see above the LAN ports. Also, on one of them there was another hidden screw under one of the rubber feet! whyioughta

Anyway, the reason for this post is that they are (initially, anyway) VERY interesting. The internals are made up of two main boards, the clever bits and a seperate (I know right?) mains to 5v transformer board.

There is also enough space in there (I think, on quick glance) to potentially fit a Raspberry Pi (full size, not zero) and maybe even some form of small hard drive!

To make matters better, it looks like the interweb community have been hard at work getting something Open-WRT shaped to work as well, although it will need a JTAG interface to get it flashed.


stuff on how to jtag to router: