Doom Emacs common keybinds

nothing SPC SPC: find file , switch buffer . browse files : MX ; EX < switch buffer ` eval u universal arg x pop up scratch ~ toggle last popup TAB workspace TAB Display tab bar . switch workspace 0 last workspace 1-9 x workspace L load session S autosave current session X delete sessions [ previous workspace ] next workspace d delete workspace l load workspace from file n workspace s save workspace to file x kill all buffers' / search i symbols I symbols accr. buffers b buffer d directory o Online providers p project [ prev S spelling corr [ text size b buffer d diff e error h smart jump s spelling error t todo w workspace ] next S spelling corr [ text size b buffer d diff e error h smart jump s spelling error t todo w workspace b buffer B switch buffer S sudo edit [ prev ] next b switch ws buffer k kill buffer n new empty buffer o kill other buffers s save buffer x pop scratch buffer z burry buffer c code d jump to def D jump to ref e evaluate buffer E evaluate and replace b build r repl x list errors f file . find file / find file in project > sudo find file ? find file from here E Browse emacs.d P browse private config R recent project files a find other file c open project editor config d find dir e find file in emacs.d p find file in private config r recent files y yank filename g git c magit commit C magit clone G list gists L list reps P magic pull popup R git revert S git stage U git unstange hunk [ previous ] next b magic blame d magic dispatch f magic find g magit status i init repo l magit buffer log p push popup r git revert hunk s git status t git time matchine o open M mail N neotree O reveal proj finder b browser d debugger n neotree o reveal in finder r repl t terminal p project ! run cmd in project root . browse / find in project c compile project o find other file p switch project r recent project files t list project tasks x invalidate cache q quit q save and quit Q quit r remote . browse remote files > detect remote changes D diff local and remote U upload local d download remote u upload local s snippets S find snippet i insert snippet n new snippet s find snippet for mode t toggle F frame fullscreen I indente b big mode f flycheck g evil goggles h impatient modei indet guides l line numbers p org-tree-slide-mode s flyspell w window + increase height - descr height < dec width = balance windows > incr width H move left J move down K move up L move right R rotate up S split W prev _ set height b bottom right c close window h left j down k up l right n new o enlargen p mru q quit r rotate down s split t top left u winner undo v vsplit w next | set width