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Technical Details


Ridiculously simple Arduino project to monitor decibels (DB) through the microphone, when above a threshold level will emit a Sony Bravia 'Turn Off The Damned Telly' signal through the Infra-Red (IR) emitter.

Circuit Diagram

Arduino Code

``` int sensorAnalogPin = A0; int sensorDigitalPin = 7; int analogValue = 0;
int digitalValue;
int Led13 = 13;


IRsend irsend;

void setup() { Serial.begin(9600); // The IDE settings for Serial Monitor/Plotter (preferred) must match this speed pinMode(sensorDigitalPin,INPUT); // Define pin 7 as an input port, to accept digital input pinMode(Led13,OUTPUT); // Define LED13 as an output port, to indicate digital trigger reached


void loop(){ analogValue = analogRead(sensorAnalogPin); // Read the value of the analog interface A0 assigned to digitalValue digitalValue=digitalRead(sensorDigitalPin); // Read the value of the digital interface 7 assigned to digitalValue Serial.println(analogValue); // Send the analog value to the serial transmit interface

if(analogValue > 50) // When the Sound Sensor sends signla, via voltage present, light LED13 (L) { digitalWrite(Led13,HIGH); for (int i = 0; i < 50; i++) { irsend.sendSony(0xa90, 12); // Sony TV power code delay(40); } } else { digitalWrite(Led13,LOW); }

delay(100); // Slight pause so that we don't overwhelm the serial interface } ```

Requires IR Remote by Shirriff library, if you do use this then check which pins this library uses on your Arduino (you don't get to specify... word of warning).

Custom Case

Parts List

1 X A4 3.3mm plywood

1 X Chinesium K40 Laser Cutter

1 X Wood Glue Bottle

1 X Protoboard Prototyping PCB Board 4cm x 6cm

1 X USB Micro LiPo Charger

1 X 3.7v 850mAh LiPo Battery

1 X Small Rocker Power Switch

1 X KY-038 Sound Sensor

1 X KY-005 IR Transmitter

1 X Knockoff Arduino Nano

1 X LED and 220 ohm resistor