USB HDD Mount for official Raspberry Pi 4 case

Nothing more than an idea at the moment.

I've got an official RPi4 case with a attached USB3 Sata hard drive running off it (yes, its powered...)

It's a bit messy at the moment with wires everywhere and the drive is a spinny so it makes a small amount of rattle that would be good to eliminate (it'll also protect the drive from shock, which is always a good idea).

I'm thinking something that not only houses the drive and the Pi case, but also a bit of cable management would be nice, that way it'll minimise space when I finally decide where I'm going to permanently put it.


HDD depth 102mm width 70mm height 9mm

SATA Adapter depth 35mm width 70mm height 13mm

Pi4 depth 96mm width 70mm height 25mm