Bluetooth Printer on a Raspberry Pi

So, I used to have a ZX Spectrum 48k It had a tape drive! And a thermal printer!

...and I CANNOT get the thermal printer out of my head... I just cannot!

So I bought one on Ebay, cost me 12 quid, will be here by this coming wednesday apparently. It's quite 'cute', but I suspect that's not going to last long as I want to embed it into the mount I use for my 7 colour E-Ink display on my desk that I use for my google calendar.

Anyway, so I'm prospectively looking into what I can do with it when it does arrive, how much I'm going to have to fight with it to enable Raspberry Pi OS (64bit beta) to be able to print to it.

The printer HAS got a USB port, and alledgedly will print through MacOS and Windows, but I know from old that getting a print server in Raspberry Pi OS is a pain, so I don't think I want to do too much there.

It's main mode of expected communication is on Android or IOS through bluetooth on an app however, so it may be that there is a whole layer of bluetooth I can snag that will just expose it as a standard bluetooth device layer, rather than raising a whole new server layer in the OS just to manage print jobs.

Anyway, thats as far as I've got right now as I can't find much on the device from a teardown or software to hardware analysis.

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